MyFitnessPal integration is not syncing meal diary data
Incident Report for ABC Trainerize
Here's the latest update regarding the MyFitnessPal meal diary data sync issue. Learn more about the situation, our response, and the available options for you in the below link 👇

We understand the significance of this integration sync in your coaching service. We want to reiterate our commitment to finding a solution that provides the same result of allowing you to view meal details from MyFitnessPal. We'll share an update on our progress on this shortly. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this situation.
Posted Oct 26, 2023 - 14:28 PDT
Hi everyone, here’s the latest update on the reports that we have been receiving regarding the MyFitnessPal integration not syncing meal data for some clients.

Those experiencing this sync issue are currently unable to see client’s meal details that are normally pulled from MyFitnesPal. This issue cannot be corrected by having client’s manually sync meal diary data from their accounts.

Please note this issue does not impact the sync of client’s tracked calorie and macro data, nor does it affect ABC Trainerize in-app meal tracking. So your clients won’t experience any disruption as they work to hit their daily nutrition goals.

We will continue to investigate and work toward a solution– more information will be provided as our investigation progresses. Thank you!
Posted Oct 16, 2023 - 16:52 PDT
Hi everyone, we have been receiving reports that the MyFitnessPal integration is not syncing meal data for some clients. This sync issue impacts meal details only, and not calorie or macro data.

If your client’s complete nutrion data is not syncing, please have them follow these steps and sync the meal information manually. They can do this by going in the app and hitting the More tab (3 dots on the bottom right corner of the app) > Selecting MyFitnessPal > Selecting Ensure Diary Syncing is enabled -> then lastly, hitting Sync Now.

For more troubleshooting instructions, please see this MyFitnessPal Troubleshooting Article

We will continue to monitor and investigate the sync issue on our end and update once we have more information. Thank you!
Posted Oct 10, 2023 - 16:52 PDT